Zombie Horde Terrorizes Buffalo

…and Sarah risks her life to capture it all on film for our viewers at home (particularly Sharon and Khy)! It’s okay, though. I had the Left4Dead zombie fightin’ champ with me, so I felt well protected. And after enduring all the apocalyptic stuff of the 2009 Buffalo Zombie Walk, we got spinach benedict at Mythos, making the whole life-endangering thing totally worth it… until some of the zombies came in to the diner for a bite. Apparently they dig the Greek finger sandwiches. Who knew?

Anyway, a glimpse of the pre-benedict mayhem:

Fearless readers, today I learned an important lesson about the end of the world. When the real zombie apocalypse hits, we’re all going to die, like pretty much immediately. Not because we don’t have the right guns and canned goods and mad mad zombie-brain-bashin’ skillz, but because we’ll all rush out into the street to take pictures.

“Look, Ma! The zombies are coming! Get the camera!”


Leader of the Pack


At Ease, Pumpkinhead

Watch Out for the Cute Ones

Here Comes the Bride

Oh, We're Having Fun!

Leg Man

Want more pics? Check out the complete zombie photo shoot. And by the way, Happy Halloween, my little ghoulies!