Zombie Horde Terrorizes Buffalo

…and Sarah risks her life to capture it all on film for our viewers at home (particularly Sharon and Khy)! It’s okay, though. I had the Left4Dead zombie fightin’ champ with me, so I felt well protected. And after enduring all the apocalyptic stuff of the 2009 Buffalo Zombie Walk, we got spinach benedict at Mythos, making the whole life-endangering thing totally worth it… until some of the zombies came in to the diner for a bite. Apparently they dig the Greek finger sandwiches. Who knew?

Anyway, a glimpse of the pre-benedict mayhem:

Fearless readers, today I learned an important lesson about the end of the world. When the real zombie apocalypse hits, we’re all going to die, like pretty much immediately. Not because we don’t have the right guns and canned goods and mad mad zombie-brain-bashin’ skillz, but because we’ll all rush out into the street to take pictures.

“Look, Ma! The zombies are coming! Get the camera!”


Leader of the Pack


At Ease, Pumpkinhead

Watch Out for the Cute Ones

Here Comes the Bride

Oh, We're Having Fun!

Leg Man

Want more pics? Check out the complete zombie photo shoot. And by the way, Happy Halloween, my little ghoulies!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching?

Sometimes you see something so cool that you just have to stop and thank the universe that you’re even freaking alive.

And then you hide behind a lamp post on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo just so you can video-stalk the most adorable kid in the universe without getting dirty looks from her dad. Or the police. But I just had to share this with you! Not the best quality video but it zooms in after a minute or so. Check it out.

I really admire her. I hope she stays like that forever. 🙂

Elmwood Village Fall Photo Spectacular

In our new place, we’re a short walk from Delaware Park, which is one of my favorite fall spots in Buffalo.



Trees by Alex

Live Buffalo


And of course, St. James church, which I’ll be photographing seasonally because I think it’s just stunning and amazing. I’m convinced the bell tower is haunted, too.

St. James

St. James sunset

St. James moon

Overall, fall in upstate NY has been pretty spectacular. Even though our front lawn was destroyed by National Fuel, I guess we’ll always have the park.

Wait OMG I just had the most brilliant idea ever! Maybe I can turn the mess into a creepy graveyard sort of thing for Halloween. I’m sure I can find some old headstones and authentic cobwebs in that spookalicious basement. All I need are a few dead bodies and severed limbs which, when properly scattered about, could create a rather convincing undead-rising sort of thing.

Or, just invite this chick over…

Charlotte by Alex

She’s been keeping Alex company outside his office. I don’t mind spiders. But seriously…


Happy fall, everyone!

Home Sweet Home

So we’ve been in Buffalo for two weeks, and this morning, here’s what we have going on in the front yard:

gas leak

Nothing to worry about. Just your every day natural gas leak. They knocked on the door this morning to tell us they had to shut off the gas (so now I have a legitimate excuse to skip my shower and to go out to dinner instead of the flimsy excuses I pull out of a hat each morning), and within an hour, the front yard was destroyed.

It looks fun, tearing things up and causing destruction with little trucks, but I’m not sure I’d sign up for that job. Too dangerous, messing with natural gas. Just like when the guy came two weeks ago to convert some of the 2-prong plugs to 3-prong plugs. They’re still not 100% properly grounded according to this little test plug thingy Dad brought over, but I’m not about to mess with electrical currents in my free time, just like I’m not about to poke my head into that hole outside even though the National Fuel guys just left it there all gaping and torn up and where’s Jimmy Hoffa and all.

Like many homes in Elmwood Village, ours was built in the late 1800s, which means that we can hear every step on the old wood floors, but the place will probably stand up to an earthquake or zombie apocalypse. It also comes complete with original stained glass windows, built in cabinetry, and uber-creeptastic basement artifacts.

Stained glass


old stove



But the best part is that I finally have my own office! Still a work in progress — we are woefully short on bookshelves at the moment, but we’ll be ordering those shortly. My dad is also going to build me a table-slash-desk, and then I’m going to cover the walls in photographs.


Now that we’re semi-mostly unpacked, we’ve been exploring the neighborhood, too. We’re walking distance from some of the best Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian restaurants in town, not to mention DeLish bakery, where I accidentally bought this exquisitely dangerous German chocolate brownie:

German chocolate brownie

I think I’ll just leave you with that for now. Stay tuned tomorrow for a gas leak update and shots of Delaware Park in fall!