Hey, Amazon, My Book is NOT an @$$hole!

Apparently there’s some cross-pollination going on at Amazon resulting in a weird TWENTY BOY SUMMER mashup. Which might be kind of cool if it was, like, mashing up with Stephenie Meyer’s latest or J.K. Rowling’s or Sarah Dessen’s. In fact, I’m pretty sure that any of the books in Amazon’s 8 million + collection would’ve been a better accidental partner for TWENTY BOY SUMMER than the one currently sharing its key phrases (underlined here in red in case they don’t jump out at you):

Amazon goof!

I know, right? I mean, isn’t every young adult author’s dream to see her listing on Amazon? Like this?

Twenty Boy Summer (Hardcover)
by Sarah Ockler (Author)
Key Phrases: @$$hole rule, inner jerk, destructive jerks…

That’s just the beginning, before scrolling to the “statistically improbable phrases” and “capitalized phrases.” Readers (and parents and teachers), I can assure you that despite what Amazon says, TWENTY BOY SUMMER’s Anna Reiley and Frankie Perino have never uttered any of the following phrases. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I myself haven’t uttered the following phrases, either (at least not since I left my last office gig):

  • @$$hole rule
  • inner jerk
  • destructive jerks
  • certified @$$hole
  • @$$hole management
  • jerk rule
  • The Virtues of @$$holes
  • Garbage Dump Troop, or
  • Satan’s Cesspool Strategy

They’re working on correcting this sort-of-hilarious-but-not-really mess, but in the mean time, I’m pretty sure the only thing that could possibly make me feel any better about this is… if you go pre-order TWENTY BOY SUMMER right now (yes, you’ll get the right book, as long as you click the pre-order button and not, like, the Kindle link for the @$$hole book!). Even if you already ordered it for yourself, maybe you can order it for a friend. That would go a long way in easing my suffering over this ill-advised mashup. Show Amazon that you won’t let a little cussin’ get in the way of your YA reading pleasure!

(No pressure. I mean, it’s not like I would call you the A-word on my blog or anything. That would be pretty statistically improbable.)