2009 Character Debut Parties

2009 is here, and the Debs are coming out!

The best part? We’re totally crashing!

Join me throughout the year for the 2009 Character Debut Party Crash, where we sneak ahead of the A-list to mingle with the new crop of YA leading lads and ladies. Think Sweet 16 meets southern-style society debut, but less proper, and with a little bit of made-up stuff in between.

Winter / Spring Party Lineup:

  1. Thursday, February 5: Sarah MacLean, author of THE SEASON
  2. Thursday, February 12: Stacey Jay, author of YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME
  3. Tuesday, March 10: Saundra Mitchell, author of SHADOWED SUMMER
  4. Sunday, March 29: Erin Dionne, author of MODELS DON’T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES
  5. Tuesday, March 31: Cynthea Liu, THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA
  6. Wednesday, April 8: Heather Duffy-Stone, author of THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU
  7. Wednesday, April 15: Carrie Ryan, author of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH
  8. Thursday, April 16: Neesha Meminger, author of SHINE, COCONUT MOON

So mark your calendars, put on your sneaking-around shoes, and prepare to crash!

Party Like It’s, Um, 2009

Last night I had this crazy dream in which National Fuel (the gas utility company here in Buffalo) totally shut down, leaving the entire region without heat. I had to trek over to some government agency about said missing heat, along with about 1 million other cold people, and the person working the desk told me she really loved my book and wanted to give it to her supervisor immediately.

Hours later, still waiting in the lobby with all the other cold people to get my heat turned back on, the desk woman tracked me down. She needed me to sign some forms because they wanted to give me a $2 million grant to work on my next book.

“My supervisor really loved your book, miss,” she said, handing me a pen. “And we really just have this money sitting around. We have to give it out in grants. It’s yours.”

2 million dollars. Nice, right? Well I must be some kind of mystic, because when I woke up this morning, well… guess which one of those dreams came true?

Hint: Effing brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

National Fuel didn’t shut down, but my furnace died, and I froze all day, and even though they came and fixed it pretty fast, I’m still frozen, because if I start out the day cold (or with bad hair or in a bad mood), my whole day is shot. And still, hours and hours later, no one has arrived with my $2 million check, despite the fact that I signed about seven different forms for that woman!

Life is, like, so totally unfair.

Effing brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Speaking of unfair, and waiting around for things that never materialize, yes, I abandoned my faithful blog readers again for nearly a month. A lot of exciting things have happened since I last rambled here, including but not limited to two trips to the ER (only one was my own), the start of a brand new year, and the long-awaited swearing-in of a brand new president.

George, don’t let the door hit you in the…


Anyway. January is just the beginning. There are lots of fun things happening in 2009, especially on the YA lit front. Check it out:

12 Months of Debsness

On the 15th of each month, you can win a Debsness bag stuffed with goodies from the 2009 Debutantes member authors. All you have to do is leave a comment on the Debsness post and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll put the link up here before the next giveaway.

2009 Debs Blog Tour

Starting in February, running throughout the year, 37 of the 2009 Debutantes will stop by SarahOckler.com during the craziest blog tour in history1. We’ll learn a little bit about their 2009 releases, main characters, interesting trivia, and maybe some other fun stuff, too.

‘09 Debut Authors Challenge

Blogger Story Siren is hosting the ‘09 Debut Authors Challenge for anyone interested in reading a set number of YA or MG novels from debut authors published this year. I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at several ’09 debuts in ARC format, with a few more on the way, so I’m excited to be part of the challenge. If you like to read and you ❤ YA as much as I do, check it out!

TWENTY BOY SUMMER hits the shelves!

On June 1, 2009, just about two years after finishing TWENTY BOY SUMMER and signing an agent, I’ll get to walk into my favorite bookstore and see it on an actual shelf.

Like, next to other actual books.

That people can actually buy.

And read. OMFG.


1. This claim has not been scientifically proven.