Big Book News: Cover, Title, & Release Date Makeover

I have some exciting news to share on the new book front!

Bittersweet, by Sarah OcklerThe book formerly known as The Language of Impossible Dreams is now called… Bittersweet! And it’s rocking a brand new cover, too. See all that sweet and wintry goodness? Yumz!

It’s always tough to title a book. I mean, how do you sum up an entire story in just a few words? Or one word, for that matter. It’s HARD. And you don’t always get it right the first time around. In fact, sometimes it takes a few times around to really find the right one. Now, we’ve finally done it! The new title and image perfectly captures Hudson’s challenges throughout the story as she struggles with lots of conflicting emotions and opportunities. Follow her own Olympic-sized dreams, or sacrifice her goals to help out her family? Um, not to mention all the confusing hockey boy love (swoon!) and the ups and downs of friendship (drama!) and school and cupcakes (yum!) and lake effect blizzards and an adorable little brother and everything else that comes her way this winter.

New title, new cover. I couldn’t be more excited! Except…

Okay, I actually could be more excited about one more bit of news… ready?

Bittersweet will hit the shelves much sooner than anticipated! On January 3, to be exact. This coming January 3. Perfect timing, because everyone knows that curling up under a blanket with a book (especially a winter romance!) and a mug of hot chocolate is pretty much the best way to spend the snowy season. And now you know how to use those holiday bookstore giftcards from Nana and Papa! πŸ˜‰

I hope you love the new cover and title, and I hope you’ll check out the new book soon! For now, you can pre-order it on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads list. Yay!

20 thoughts on “Big Book News: Cover, Title, & Release Date Makeover

  1. Congratulations Sarah! I’m off to add this to my list. Sounds fantastic! And I agree, January is a great time to get heated up with a swoony read. πŸ™‚

  2. FREAAAAAKING OUT. I love the new title and the COVER. On first glance I thought it was flour cause you know, dough, but then I was like oH MY GOD IS THAT SNOW, cause ice skating and winter and awesomeness and so yeah. Also, I love the new release date. Was super sad I’d have to wait until late 2012 and now it’s early 2012 yayyyy!!

  3. Excellent! Looks beautiful……Bittersweet was Aunt Marcy’s favorite plant and January 3rd is Linda and Jim’s wedding Anniversary!!! When do I get my copy??????
    Love, Mom

  4. So, so psyched!! Was already excited for the book, but I ADORE the new title and cover. And I also love me some hockey boys (I am Canadian, after all). πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Yay for Nana and Papa… no one else I know has ever referred to grandparents as Nana and Papa.

  5. I love the new cover. I wanted to read it before the re-reveal and am so glad that it’s coming out earlier than expected. Can’t wait! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful, Sarah! Congrats!! Can’t wait to read it! Very exciting about the earlier release date!

  7. Love the new changes. I’m looking forward to kicking off my 2012 reading list with Bittersweet!

  8. Sold! You had me at blanket, hot chocolate, love story, lake effect snow and hot hockey boys. Can’t wait.

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