“Moral Standards” Protect Students Against Books, But Not Rape

This is so disgusting, disheartening, despicable, and a god damn outrage that I can’t even say much more about it at the moment. Just read the articles below. And yes, it is the same school district that attempted to ban Speak, a story about a girl who struggles to find her voice after she’s raped by a fellow student, and successfully banned Twenty Boy Summer and Slaughterhouse Five based on “standards for age appropriateness.” To quote superintendent Vern Minor on why he supported the ban: “I don’t think [the book is] consistent with these standards and the kind of message that we want to send.”

So just what kind of message do we want to send students in the Republic school district, Mr. Minor? This kind? School Reportedly Made Girl Write Apology To Her Alleged Attacker? This kind? Lawsuit filed against Republic School District over rape claim?

Seriously! WTF?!?!?

10 thoughts on ““Moral Standards” Protect Students Against Books, But Not Rape

  1. damn right i shared this on every media outlet i have the right to. #wtf my thoughts are with the girl and her family. the school and any educator/adult in a position to speak up but hasn’t should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Absolutely. This is just heartbreaking. Especially considering everything her mother went through to report the first attack and try to protect her daughter only to have it happen again.

  2. I am so outraged by the complete lack of regard the school board has shown this girl – especially when her attacker confessed and the DNA evidence was found that my heart bleeds for her and her family. HOW DARE they blame her!!!! How DARE they call the lawsuit “frivolous”!! Republic School Board – your thought processes are disgusting in the extreme, to the point that words fail me.

  3. Words escape me right now. Most of what I want to say start with “How can they…” and sadly, people are stupid. And ignorant. But seriously, one of the main tasks of a school official is to keep children safe!!

  4. I’m at a loss for words. Our schools here in KY make it clear in their mission statements in the handbook that, besides educating our children, they also do so in a SAFE environment. I’m starting to think that town in Missouri is a portal to hell.

  5. Wow, this is just crazy and unfair. This school should be sued, it’s just not right. And banning your amazing book won’t make it any better either! That makes me so angry.

  6. Kelley Vitollo sent me the link to that site and I was so SHOCKED. My husband is a prosecutor and is working on a case similar to this right now – HEARTBREAKING.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this here.

    Also – can’t wait to hear about your trip to Missouri!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog! I have been so disgusted and disturbed to see this happening and read about it in the local paper. I have a hunch that they decided not to ban Speak because the negative publicity would have been incredible (if it’s possible for them to look any worse…). I am just glad that these things can not be kept hidden in the way they might have once been thanks to information availability and the ease of modern communication.

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