Look Out, Beyonce!

I love Beyonce, but I’ve got to hand it to these kids from HOPE Christian Schools in Milwaukee. Check out their hit single, “Scholar Ladies,” which is even better than the Justin Timberlake SNL version of the Beyonce hit. Go, HOPE!

She deserves an award just for getting that principal to rock out!

4 thoughts on “Look Out, Beyonce!

  1. Sarah, what a GREAT video! I teach at Nazareth College (where you will be visiting in May at the Teen Book Festival).
    We are discussing your book Twenty Boy Summer in a TBF/Naz Book Club that I started this Spring for interested faculty and teachers in the area. I thought I’d check out your website to see if there was anything I should tell our group members to check out…I am CERTAINLY going to tell them to see this video. THANKS! And looking forward to meeting you in May!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    I was wondering if you would want to maybe do an interview for my book blog? 🙂 I have reviewed Twenty Boy Summer on it already, (It was one of my first reviews!) so I would love it if you were interested! If you are, I can email you all the details and questions. It wouldn’t be anything too lengthy or personal, just about 10 questions. If you’re not interested, I completely understand. Let me know if you are or not 🙂

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