Josh Berk’s Release Day: The Musical

I’d like to send a big ol’ congratulatory shout-out to my good friend and agent brother-from-another-mother, Josh Berk, on the official release of his debut novel, THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN!

This isn’t Josh’s first appearance at You might recognize him from such well-publicized scandals as the animal cruelty thing, the NCTE big fat lying liar thing, and the highly un-Kosher pig-Frenching thing.

Video evidence aside, Josh’s days as a cow-killing, name-dropping, pig-smooching sociopath are behind him. In honor of his debut release day, he’s used his new-found talents for threatening bookstore employees, dancing on desks, and exploiting small children and household pets to produce a mostly family-friendly musical number. And because I’m so excited for Josh and his lead character, Will Halpin, and because I’m kind of embarrassed for him on account of all that public dancing, I’ve officially certified THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN as cruelty-free, lifting the nearly year-long boycott on Josh and his critically-acclaimed meat-monikered novel.

So go forth, good readers. Sing, dance, point, laugh, and buy Josh’s books in large quantities!

Congratulations, Josh! 🙂

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