Christmas Pajama Breakfast: The Birth of Embarrassing Traditions

In my family, you’re never too old for matching pajamas on Christmas morning (and you’re never safe from Mom’s carefully planned pajama theme, no matter how new you are to the Ockler family scene).

It started quite accidentally, way back in the eighties…

Read the whole tale at Reading is Bliss, complete with photographic evidence and a contest to win a hardcover copy of Twenty Boy Summer!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Pajama Breakfast: The Birth of Embarrassing Traditions

  1. Read the whole posting, what a great story! It’s amazing how a silly crazy tradition can come out of troubled times.

    My mom and her brother have a Christmas card that has been passed back and forth between their two homes for 20 years. The original message of the card said “Keep this card! You can give it back to me next year.” And that’s precisely what the card recipient did, and then did again, etc. It is filled with poems and silly sayings that highlight the happenings of the past year, including a divorce, birth of various children and now grand chidlren, a battle with cancer, the loss of their parent, etc. It is a treasured piece of our family history.

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