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Happy day after Thanksgiving to my American friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the food coma – slash – family time overload – slash – day of consumerism (for those of you who love to shop on this busiest shopping day… hopefully you hit up the book stores)! Thanks for taking a break from the turkey (or veggie chili, as in my house) and checking out today’s fLiP iT fRiDaY, where we’re chatting with Vania from Reverie Book Reviews, aka @ReverieBR on Twitter.

Describe a typical day in your life.

Honestly, it depends on the day. Mon/Wed I have work early, at 8:00, where I nanny. Then I have lunch at home, catch up on emails and blog, and then head off to school, where I probably stay on the computer (it’s a digital photography class) and blog some more or do blog/book related stuff and chat with my blogger friends. But, I first get my work done in that class.

Tue/Thu I have classes all day with a lunch break where I usually use to eat and blog. (I blog a lot!) I end class around 7:00pm (LOOONG DAY!) and head home finally. I usually read in between classes and mostly at night. I have all my books lined up above my bed on the window sill. Easy access.

Weekends, including Friday, are as they go kind of days. Usually read, do homework, work some more, and work on various projects for my art classes. They’re my catch-up days.

What is your favorite YA book and why? Or, which YA book has had the most profound effect on you and why?

My favorite is Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It’s a wonderful story of adventure and love, yet filled with self discovery. But, the one book that has had the most profound impact on me as of late has to be Wake/Fade by Lisa McMann. Something about the power of dreams and overcoming your greatest fear has me so enthralled with the power to overcome anything. For those who have read the book know that Janie overcomes a HUGE obstacle, many even, yet she triumphs. I love that and I take it to heart.

Wake and Fade have been on my TBR list for a while, and several people have recommended them. I have this Borders giftcard just burnin’ a hole in my pocket, and, coincidentally, I’m doing a signing there tomorrow. It’s fate! Wake and Fade, here I come. Glad to hear you loved them so much, V.

What are 5 of your favorite things?

  1. My camera- I am a photographer and nothing, NOTHING, is more important to my life than the ability to be creative and express myself. It is who I am.
  2. My massive purse/life bag — It holds everything. My camera, phone, books, agendas. Knick knacks. Junk. It’s as heavy as a ton of bricks but I adore it and cannot make it smaller.
  3. Music — Love anything and everything and must have it when I work (on my photography). It has the power to transform your mood and literally change your day around.
  4. Coke Zero — silly, I know, but its sooo good and I have one almost every day. Addict? Yeah, there’s a reason they call it coke. Jk
  5. My bed — It’s where I read and relax, sleep and let the anxieties of life fall away at night. Wonderful, isn’t it?

I feel about writing as you feel about photography, but for me, photography is a close second. I love capturing art on film almost as much as capturing it in words on the page. Love this — “…nothing, NOTHING, is more important to my life than the ability to be creative and express myself.”

How long have you been blogging, and how did you get your book blogging start?

Hmm, I started blogging in Feb this yr. I started blogging because it gave me an outlet and means to express my love for books. I am social person, and I bubble out with excitement over things I love, mainly books and blogging let me do just that. Bubble over and spill into other blogs. I have been so fortunate to make some AMAZING friends. And befriend such wonderful authors!!! Words cannot describe the kindness and sweetness. (You, Sarah, included.)

Aww, I feel the same way. It’s amazing and wonderful how book lovers can connect online — readers, authors, book sellers, librarians, industry pros, bloggers. I think we need a virtual group hug. Seriously.

*opens arms*

Are you planning any upcoming new features or special content on your book blog and/or is there anything specific you want potential new visitors to know about your blog?

I love to think hard on important subjects and enjoy sharing my thoughts with others. Not just a one way, I post you read kind of thing but a discussion of sorts. Every week I have Discussion Thursday where I and a fellow blogger and I discuss a book. Everyone is welcome to comment with their opinions on the questions we go over that day, giving the post an opportunity to grow. I love hearing everyone’s opinions and it’s a great way for myself and other bloggers to connect over a common book.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love blogs that are more like conversations than information transfer. It’s one of the reasons I think book people have connected so well online — we all love to read, or write, or share books with the world, so there’s always something to chat about.

In addition to blogging, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?

I’ve already mentioned photography. I am a fine art Major at GSU here in Atlanta GA. I have done writing in the past, but I seem to be too busy to stay still long enough to write anything long enough. Photography on the other hand moves with me and therefore it allows me to capture what I want and see as I go. I love people, and the emotions behind the faces, and my photography centers mostly on that. But above all else, I love to create my stories and photograph them. Many times, much like my blog and taste in books, it centers on fantasy. I create my characters and my story and I let it happen. Let the lens of the camera capture the story. I love going back later and seeing the results, like reading my own story.

Wow, I love how you describe photography as creating and capturing stories. Just a reminder that art and story are everywhere, and there are so many ways and media through which we can create, connect with, and enjoy them.

What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

HA! I think as of right now I’ll be happy doing anything photography. Where that photography leads me, I don’t know yet. We’ll just wait and see. I, however am sure of one thing: my love for books and this blog I have are glued tightly to my side and will remain with me for a long time coming.

What are 3 things you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime?

  1. I would love to make something great out of my photography. It is so ingrained in me now that I cannot see myself doing anything else. I would love to have one photograph be famous. Just one. Anything else would be a bonus.
  2. I would also love to visit Europe and Asia. I, myself am European, yet have missed so much culture that is out there waiting for me.
  3. More importantly, I cannot wait to graduate! 😛

*Throws cap in the air for you!*

Tell us something that people who know you in real life would be surprised to learn about you.

Gosh, I don’t know. I am a very open person. I have no clue. If you ask me anything I will tell you. I cannot keep secrets about myself. I’m bad like that. A fountain of information and knowledge just oozes out of me at any given moment.

Now, it’s time for Apocalypse Mad Libs!

If I ever had to face the planets colliding I’d want Michelle Zink on my side, because she has a calming, easy-going effect, especially in an end of the world situation, and she’d be fun to survive with cuz she’s just fun!

If she wasn’t available, I’d take Lia from the book Prophecy of the Sisters, because she already has experience with world ending scenarios. If she can survive her sister, we’ll be ok.

In any case, if I only had 1 day to live before the end of the world, I’d eat a whole tiramisu and then I’d tell everyone, “SAVE THE BOOKS!”

Okay, I’m totally sticking with you and Zink during the apocalypse. Not only do I LOVE tiramisu (hopefully you don’t mind sharing), but I love Zink and Prophecy of the Sisters and I’ve no doubts that she’ll look out for us. Besides, I can’t die until I know what happens in Guardian and the Gate (Prophecy book 2)!

Thanks, Vania, for stopping by fLiP iT fRiDaY! To learn more about Vania and her creative awesomeness, visit Reverie Book Reviews and check her out on Twitter, too.

Now, back to that creamed spinach before the world ends… 🙂

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