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Korianne @ Korianne SpeaksToday’s fLiP iT fRiDaY features the adorable Korianne from Korianne Speaks, @koriannespeaks on Twitter.

Describe a typical day in your life.

I wake up, make myself some oatmeal or Kix with milk. If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday I go to school at noon and get back home at around 3:30 or 4. If not I pretty much do all the daily tasks of cleaning, doing wash, and in general organizing of the house. I eat lunch at about 1. Usually some sort of veggie burger or Spaghetti O’s, but I eat a lot of different foods. Then I catch up on a bit of reading. At about 5 I go and get my mail and do my daily walk around the block. I occasionally go jump on my trampoline. Then I get my time with Cecilia, my computer. I am pretty much glued to my computer until about 2 am, unless of course one of my favorite shows is on TV. I hop into bed at about 2:30 after a quick shower and the getting ready for bed rituals (brushing teeth, putting on PJ’s, etc.). Then I curl up again with my book and read until I am half dead. I wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

What is your favorite YA book and why? Or, which YA book has had the most profound effect on you and why?

Same Difference by Siobhan Vivian. It really tapped into some of my feelings about breaking free from my suburban town. It taught me that it’s totally okay to just be yourself. I had learned that lesson before of course, but it really drove it home and helped me to realize that you don’t have to conquer the world in one day.

You know, I really need to check this book out. I loved Siobhan’s A Little Friendly Advice, and she read from Same Difference at the NYPL last summer and I wanted to get it then, too, but it wasn’t out yet. Adding to bookstore shopping list now!

What are 5 of your favorite things?

  1. Twitter – I am an addict! Probably one of my biggest Internet distractions.
  2. Julia Nunes music – Her voice is gorgeous and her original song lyrics are intelligent and heartfelt. I can not say enough good things about Julia.
  3. The word Lovely – I say it far to much! I really want this shirt on Threadless that says Lovely on it, because is sorta my trademark.
  4. My kitty Keagan – I live with 5 cats, and I would love to say that I love them all equally, but Keagan is too adorable! She’s just like a newborn baby. She lets me carry her around the house and curls up next to me at night.
  5. Books – I am a book blogger so of course books are one of my favorite things. But honestly I am incredibly attached to my books. Even to the point where I am sort of greedy (totally not my typical personality). I have only recently been able to loan out my books and I make the borrowers promise they won’t damage them. I also have only been loaning out to other book bloggers, because I know they love books as much as me and will treat them with respect.

OMG I’m the same way with books. It pains me when I get them back all dog-eared and crack-spined. That’s even worse then never getting them back at all! Ack! And thanks for the Julia recommendation. I just subscribed to her YouTube videos. Very cool music!

How long have you been blogging, and how did you get your book blogging start?

I have been blogging since December 2008, so not very long, but I am already very, very passionate about it. I started a book blog after finding a few book blogs on Bookmooch and following them for about 6 months. I decided that I was missing out on all the fun by not having a blog of my own and by not being able to comment.

Are you planning any upcoming new features or special content on your book blog and/or is there anything specific you want potential new visitors to know about your blog?

I currently do my “Just Another Manic Monday” feature and “To Be Read Tuesday,” along with “In My Mailbox” (a feature started by The Story Siren) on Sunday, so I am pretty set on features. However since I participated in BEDA (Blog Every Day April) this April I think I won’t rule out the idea of a new feature soon. I am also working on some new changes to my layout with tabs for my features and reviews which I am pretty excited about.

In addition to blogging, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?

I love all things artsy! I am an avid crafter and if it can be handmade I can probably make it. I especially enjoy working with paper such as making greeting cards, scrapbooking pages, and bookmarks. I also love to sew. I make a lot of purses. As far as photography goes I love to take photos but I am not a pro. I am however sort of a pro at photoshop so I can make all my crappy photos look superb. I write a bit in a journal that has story ideas and I am in the beginning stages of writing a novel, but I do not consider myself a writer really, I just do it for my own enjoyment and to let off steam. I have no musical abilities at all, but before I die I hope to learn how to play the piano or the guitar.

You love books. You love making stuff like purses. Korianne, this link is for you!

What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

I have joked recently that I want to grow up to be Maureen Johnson, but if I had to go with my realistic goals I would say I want to be a librarian. I am currently in college working on my general studies and I am still a bit confused with what I want to go into before I get my Masters to become a school librarian, but I do know that I want to do something with books and kids. I also would love to be a mother and wife when I get older. I love kids and hope to have a few of my own and also adopt.

What are 3 things you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime?

I recently had a class assignment about 50 things I want to do before I die. It really got me thinking. Sure there were a few ideas I wanted to accomplish before I died, but I had never really wrote them down. Narrowing them down to 50 was super hard! I didn’t realize how many things I wanted to do! Funny thing is, after I wrote them down I was more motivated to do them. I have done 4 of the things on my list and I am working on one more! But there is still so much more I want to do. The 3 that are pressing on my mind the most at the moment are:

  1. Open my own handmade shop (on etsy or even at a physical store)
  2. Take an unplanned road trip.
  3. Stop biting my nails

That’s awesome!

*Wants to visit the Korianne Boutique*

Tell us something that people who know you in real life would be surprised to learn about you.

Hmm. This one is a tough one. Recently I became a vegetarian, and I think people I went to high school with would be really surprised to hear that. But people who are in my life right now, well they might be surprised to hear that people actually read my blogs! Mom and my family don’t really understand the blog world, I think they think it is something I do that no one reads. However 130+ followers and lots and lots of comments tell me differently!

You’re a vegetarian? Yay! Together we will unite against the evil, cow-killing author, Josh Berk. Yeah, Berk… hear that! We’re coming for you! Mwahahah….

Now, it’s time for Apocalypse Mad Libs!

If I ever had to face an attack of rabid killer hamsters I’d want Maureen Johnson on my side, because because she knows how to tame hamsters. Even if the hamsters mauled me, I would still be entertained by her in my last moments on earth. I would request that she tell me what really happens to Ginny and Keith in “the sequel” to 13 Little Blue Envelopes and show me a bit of her trapeze act.

If she wasn’t available, I’d take Edward from the book the Twilight Saga, because even though I am shamed to admit it his eye candy and dramatically unrealistic phrases would calm me. I mean it’s my last day on earth, why not be fangirly!

In any case, if I only had 1 day to live before the end of the world, I’d eat fried okra with Lipton raspberry white tea and then I’d tell everyone, “Be sure to let my friends who I live in my computer know that they didn’t forget to be awesome, and they made my life. I will miss you all, watch out for the hamsters.”

Korianne SpeaksCome on, now, K. Edward is not just eye candy. In the unfortunate situation of killer hamsters, he could eat them, thus killing the killers and quenching his thirst for blood, leaving him free to love you and boss you around. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by fLiP iT fRiDaY, Korianne! Check out more of Korianne’s adorableness at from Korianne Speaks or on Twitter at @koriannespeaks.

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