Lauren Bjorkman’s Character Debut Party

MY INVENTED LIFE by Lauren BjorkmanWith a Shakespearean backdrop that brought be back to my own drama club days (like, when I got kicked out for not being able to carry a tune or a step), fellow 2009 Debutante Lauren Bjorkman injects humor, heart, and authenticity into this fun and funky story of love, confusion, friendship, and sibling rivalry. There are also some very cute boys in it. And cute girls, too.

And speaking of sibling rivalry and cute boys and girls and love and confusion… be sure to check out the teen advice column, ASK MY SISTER–(mostly) good advice for those who dare, co-written by sisters Roz and Eva from MY INVENTED LIFE.


Roz and Eva are sisters, close friends, and fierce rivals. Roz fantasizes about snagging the lead in the school play and sexy skate god Bryan as her boyfriend. Sadly a few obstacles stand between her and her dreams. For one, Eva is the more talented actress. And Bryan happens to be Eva’s boyfriend. But is Eva having a secret love affair with a girl? Enquiring minds need to know.

Roz prides herself on random acts of insanity. In one such act, she invents a girlfriend of her own to encourage Eva to open up. The plan backfires, and Roz finds herself neck deep in her invented life. When Roz meets a mercurial boy with a big problem, she begins to understand the complex feelings beneath the labels. And she gets a second chance to earn Eva’s trust.

My Invented Life is set in a small California high school during rehearsals for a Shakespeare comedy.

Roz’s 2009 Debut Party

The Guest List

Roz invited all the stage geeks, even though she wants to woo a particular someone. Besides, it’s fun to be the center of attention, and that’s not possible if there aren’t a lot of people around.

The Party

To celebrate Roz’s big night, we’re heading to the theater, affectionately (and accurately) called The Barn, for a costume party–dress as your favorite Shakespeare character with a Goth twist. Guests will receive Glow-in-the dark string in a can and glitter for glitter fights. Everyone’s in for some fun, pranks, and general giddiness!

The Guest of Honor: Roz

Roz is wearing a goth-ified, bodice-cinching, Shakespearean gown. She added some temporary fuschia streaks to her hair. And real black lipstick this time. Eyeliner Andie did her nails. Her theme song tonight?
Countdown by Avril Lavigne.

Lauren’s Advice for Roz on Her Big Debut

Keep it real.

Congratulations to Lauren and Roz on their awesome debut (and excellent performances all around)! MY INVENTED LIFE is available in book stores now, and also online through Indiebound and other Web retailers.

Lauren Bjorkman grew up on a sailboat, sharing the tiny forecastle with her sister and the sail bags. They are still friends. Visiting exotic lands continues to be a big part of her life. She once learned how to make bread in Yemen Bedouin style. She’s played Hacky Sack with children in Thailand. Her passion for travel is second only to her love for books because books take her to every world imaginable. She lives in Taos, New Mexico with my husband, two sons, a cat that thinks he’s a dog, and another cat that thinks he’s a rabbit. Visit Lauren online.