Today’s Post Brought To You By: Love!

I’m crawling out of the cave of revisions again to share a little love with the world because hey, it’s fall in upstate New York, the heat is on, I’ve got a hot cup of tea, I’m wearing my fuzzy slippers, and life is good! Especially for some of our friends that got married this month — two couples in as many weeks. One wedding, we photographed professionally. The other, we just ran around taking pictures for fun while appearing to be professional, which is tough to do. And though I have to duck back into the cave in a moment, I want to share a shot from each wedding with you in honor of all that love I’m talking about!

For my friend, Amybeth:

I’ve known Amybeth for about twenty years. She was hands down the coolest girl at summer camp, and she’s still pretty much the coolest lady I know. It was an honor and a joy to photograph her wedding. So here’s one of my favorite shots from the day — totally accidental. I’d lowered my camera to adjust a setting when I noticed the groom dropping the bride for a dip, so I quick hit the shutter button and hoped for the best. I just love the expressions on their faces!

First Dance

For my friend, Steve:

Steve is literally “the boy next door” — my old childhood pal. My family lived in the house on the left side of his house for a few years, then we moved to the house on the right. I was excited to celebrate his wedding with our families — we’ve all known each other more than 30 years! Anyway, during the cake cutting, apparently someone (*cough* the GROOM *cough*) didn’t get the memo about the no-smashing-cake-in-the-face thing. His bride was not happy. In fact, some of us began to wonder whether Steve might end sleeping on the couch at the honeymoon suite! But when repeated apologies proved ineffective, he just grabbed her and shut her up with a big fat smooch. Again, one of my favorites from the day!

Cake Memo

Congratulations to all, and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and love!

Speaking of families and love… I’m wrapping up the final revisions on Fixing Delilah, my second book, due out next fall from Little, Brown. I’ll be sharing more about it soon, but for now… it’s a story about families, about mothers and daughters, the secrets we carry, the things that tear us apart as well as unite us, and of course, love. Stay tuned for more details next week!

For now, happy fall and lots of hot tea, wedding cake, fuzzy slippers, and love to you all!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Post Brought To You By: Love!

  1. Beautiful pics….cant wait to see more!!! You do such excellent work…..but we knew that already!!

  2. Love, Love, Love the Amybeth and Tony pic!!!!! You always seeem to capture those truly special moments, I know you did for us. Can’t wait to see more!

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