fLiP iT fRiDaY: Devyn @ The Faerie Drink Review

After a brief but *cough* unintentional hiatus, we’re back this week for fLiP iT fRiDaY, chatting with Devyn Burton from The Faerie Drink Review, @DevynBurton on Twitter.

Describe a typical day in your life.

I sit it front front of my laptop and Mac all day and tell people that I am writing. This is usually true, HOWEVER, I am usually only writing Twitter updates! Twitter is a really sick addiction and I honestly do need a twelve step program. (Do not let this stop you from following me!)

But in all actuality I am out ‘on the field’ everyday looking for new books and doing research. I love writing and have four chapters left to write on my current WIP.

Sits in front of the laptop all day… loose definition of “writing”… Now here’s a blogger who really gets me. Are we related, Dev?

What is your favorite YA book and why? Or, which YA book has had the most profound effect on you and why?

My favorite YA author is Holly Black (No, She is not a book, But keep reading!), because she is an amazing author with an even more amazing heart.

I was so fascinated by Tithe that I stalked Holly to her home (her online home, BlackHolly.com) and wrote her a fan letter asking if I could open a fan site. I don’t know why I felt the need to ask to make a fan site, but I did.

Long story short — Holly wrote me back, we kept up snail mail communication for awhile, and now I think it’s safe to call her a good ‘acquaintance’… or I’m possibly just a really annoying stalker. Long story short, you can find the fan site at faeriedrink.com!

What are 5 of your favorite things?

I could mindlessley say “Twizzilers, Twitter, Books, Pens & Hoodies.”

But YOU, fan of Sarah Ockler, get to see the well thought out and meaningful response!

  1. My Laptop & Mac: I do all of my writing on both of these wonderful gems in my life and keep up to date with everything I need to know. Imagine, If we didn’t have technology–we would never know anything about each other!
  2. My iPod: I love music, and when I am a bad mood I love cleaning and jamming out to music. (Please do not tell my mother this, even though I am moved out–I can see her trying to make me clean when I come to visit!)
  3. Joker: Joker is a very wise… man. He was named after THE Joker! However–he is a cellphone. Cellphones are VERY important, they connect you to the outside world–you know to hospitals, friends, family and 911 when you accidentally slip on a manuscript and fly down a flight of stairs. (This has never happened to me, But I am grateful that I have Joker by my side IN CASE this happens!)
  4. My Medication: I have Lupus, so medication is very vital to keep my body and alive and moving. If I did not have any medication I would walk around like a zombie (only my ‘zombies moans’ would be replaces with incoherent swearing!).
  5. My ARC of Need: There is a character name Devyn, and I have an acknowledgment in the back. Need I say more?

Devyn, I think you’ve shown us all a true glimpse into the life and times of you. This may or may not be a good thing. But either way, it was an awesome and hilarious thing, and I’m glad you decided on the well thought out version! Now I want to see a picture of The Joker, though…

How long have you been blogging, and how did you get your book blogging start?

My first blog was posted on: Friday June 22, 2007!

I started book blogging when I saw other people do it. I won’t lie. I thought, “THEY ARE GETTING FREE BOOKS!?” — Totally had to have a piece of that action. I’m now more selective about the books that I choose to review, I review what I want–so it’s really nice!

Hey, I’m with you on that. If the Internet had been invented when I was younger, I totally would have started a book blog for free books. Instead, I used to check out really saucy romance novels from the library (“These are for my Mom!”) and hide them in my room, reading them at night under a blanket with a flashlight. Then I’d write notes to my friends about the best parts and trade books with them. I guess that was our way of book blogging. 🙂

Are you planning any upcoming new features or special content on your book blog and/or is there anything specific you want potential new visitors to know about your blog?

Technically this is not on MY blog–But I run call a charity called the Book Transfusion and we have an auction coming up–we are pulling in some awesome authors and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Yeah! Definitely keep us posted when you have more details so we can pimp the auction here. I mean, not like pimp. It’s not that kind of auction, people. At least I don’t think it is… er… Dev?

In addition to blogging, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?

I write. I write very little, but once I am in my writing mode I can shoot out large pieces of my book. I like to take my time and not rush things — this is one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give for writing as well. “Think things out and take your time, you don’t have a deadline — save that for when you are old.” (I do make a lot of old jokes about my author friends and family. Do I get extra kudos for this?)

Extra kudos for making old jokes about authors? Um, NO. We can only make old jokes about ourselves. (See Internet invention comment above.)

What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

I really wanted to break out into a pussycat dolls song, yes, LIVE ON SARAH OCKLER’S BLOG – DEVYN BURTON SINGING WHEN I GROW UP!

But really, I would love to see my name on the front of a book one day.

I take that back, you will see my name in lights one day — I now want to be a lion tamer.

Rawr! I still want to hear you sing! But I’ve no doubt we’ll see your name in lights one day. And on a book cover.

What are 3 things you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime?

I want to have a bestselling novel, move to New York and live happily ever after! (If happily ever after does not count as an answer…. I would say I would totally love to work on a project with a few author friends!)

Living happily ever absolutely counts as an answer! But your other 3 are great, too.

Tell us something that people who know you in real life would be surprised to learn about you.

I killed a man.

Not really, but could you imagine if I came on the blog and just dropped a secret like that!

I think I am really boring!

“I just killed a man. I am really boring.”

Um, sure. A real snoozefest, this one!

Now, it’s time for Apocalypse Mad Libs!

If I ever had to face alien pandas dissecting the human race I’d want Holly Black on my side, because I know her husband has to own swords and stuff — so we could totally take some aliens out with those!

If she wasn’t available, I’d take Corny from the bookTithe (or valiant or Ironside), because because we would have to make man babies before I died.

In any case, if I only had 1 day to live before the end of the world, I’d eat boneless almond chicken and then I’d tell everyone, “GREEN UNICORNS ARE PURPLE!”

Thanks for stopping by fLiP iT fRiDaY (and winning the award for funniest $#!& ever said on fif), Devyn! If your book reviews are half as funny… well, people, run over to The Faerie Drink Review and check it out! And don’t forget to follow Devyn at @DevynBurton on Twitter, too.

“I just killed a man. I’m really boring.”


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3 thoughts on “fLiP iT fRiDaY: Devyn @ The Faerie Drink Review

  1. This is such a fun feature! I’ve seen Devyn all over Facebook and Twitter, but it’s fun to get to know the killer–er, person–behind the blog.

  2. OMG I totally had no idea that we started our blogs around the same time- just one day apart from each other. My official blogiversary date is June 23, 2007. That’s weird. I also think it’s funny that he started because he saw other people doing it and I started because I was bored and because I didn’t think anybody else was doing it, lol.

    Awesome, funny interview! I’m getting to know Devyn slowly but surely and he seems like such a great guy!

  3. Devyn is so awesome! We’re in FiveAwesomeYAFans together and met in NYC. Trust me, if you meet him in person you’ll think that it’s crazy that he says that he’s boring. A few of us shared a hostel room together and he was always chatty all night (and trying to scare us, which he succeeded on more than one occasion).

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