Mandy Hubbard’s Character Debut Party

Mandy Hubbard - Prada & PrejudiceTake everything you love about Austen-era England, like tea and scones and the English countryside and fancy dresses and… (*cough* Colin Firth *cough*), plus everything you love about a funny, somewhat-awkward, often-clumsy, well-intentioned, just-trying-to-fit-in modern girl in a great pair of red-hot Prada heels, swirl it all together, and take a sip. Now you’re getting close to the touching hilarity that is Mandy Hubbard’s debut novel!


Fifteen year old Callie just wants to impress the popular girls when she buys a pair of Prada heels on her class trip to London. She didn’t plan on tripping, conking her head, and waking up in 1815! Now she’s wearing corsets with her designer pumps, eating bizarre soups, and breaking up engagements. If only the nineteen year old Duke of Harksbury wasn’t so bloody annoying, she might have a little fun in Austen-Era England…

Callie’s 2009 Debut Party

The Guest List

She’d invite the whole crew from Harksbury (Alex, Victoria, and Emily) along with the twenty first century girls (Angela, Mindy and Summer).

Ooh I would love to see Summer try to play nice with Emily. Though I’m sure Victoria would be eating out of her hand!

The Party

It’s a ball at Harksbury, right in their ballroom! Callie loves the romance and glamour of the balls in 1815. The theme is Old-Meets-New. Maybe she’ll show Alex how to do the macarena and teach Mindy what a reel is. Guests will enjoy plenty to drink and eat — no souvenirs neccessary for something this crazy!

OMG that reminds me of my favorite scene in P&P… when Callie teaches the stable boys how to do the Robot! Hilarious and awesome!

The Guest of Honor: Callie

Callie is wearing a ballgown– probably silk– with her Prada heels. She’ll probably change into jeans later, to be more comfortable! And her theme song? Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry — because she’ll want the night to last forever!

Mandy’s Advice for Callie on Her Big Debut

Dance and laugh and don’t fade into the wallpaper!

With shoes like that, I don’t think she’s in any danger of fading into anything!

Speaking of those shoes… I’ve been doing giveaways with summer stuff and sea glass stuff because of the whole summer/sea glass theme of TWENTY BOY SUMMER. So it only stands to reason that Mandy do a giveaway where a random commenter (*ahem* that would be me) gets a pair of of those hot red Prada heels. Don’t you guys agree? 😉

Best wishes to Mandy and Callie on their fun debut!

PRADA & PREJUDICE is available in book stores now, and also online through Indiebound and other Web retailers.

Mandy Hubbard grew up on a dairy farm outside Seattle, where she refused to wear high heels until homecoming—and hated them so much she didn’t wear another pair for five years. A cowgirl at heart, she enjoys riding horses and quads and singing horribly to the latest country tune. She’s currently living happily ever after with her husband (who, sadly, is not a Duke) and her daughter (who is most definitely a princess). Prada and Prejudice is her first novel. Visit Mandy online.

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  1. I’ll let you have the Prada heels since a) I don’t think I could walk in them, b) they’re not really practical, and c) you would probably enjoy them more!

    But, I just finished Prada & Prejudice this week, and LOVED it! My review will be up later today!

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