Is Amazonfail a Win for the Indies?

Whether Amazonfail was policy-induced censorship, a programming glitch, a hacker with too much free time on his hands since the final episode of Battlestar Gallactica, or a scheme perpetuated by the French to get back at us for bastardizing the croissant into the Croissan’Wich (sacre bleu!), there is a silver lining. When it comes to picking out some great new reads, I’ve turned off the one-click-and-your-done laziness in favor of interacting with real people again.

Talk about sacre bleu!

It’s true. Amazonfail gave me just the boot in the ass I needed to get back to the independent bookstores and libraries that make the book-lovin’ community in my neighborhood so unique and special. Check out my Amazonfail/Indiewin post on AuthorsNow and share your thoughts on what Amazon’s PR nightmare could mean for libraries and indies.

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