Neesha Meminger’s Character Debut Party

Neesha Meminger - Shine, Coconut MoonFor so many reasons, I can’t wait to dig into this book! Mainly because Neesha is awesome, so I’ve no doubt the book will be, too. I was lucky enough to meet her in New York last summer for a Debs brunch and I’ve been counting down the days to SHINE’s release ever since. I even got my copy a day early (thanks to TSM for sneaking us into the secret back room at Strand)!


Samar––a.k.a. Sam––is an Indian-American teenager whose mom has kept her away from her old-fashioned family. It’s never bothered Sam, who is busy with school, friends, and a demanding boyfriend. But things change after 9/11. A guy in a turban shows up at Sam’s house–and turns out to be her uncle. He wants to reconcile the family and teach Sam about her Sikh heritage. Sam is eager, but when boys attack her uncle, chanting “Go back home, Osama!,” Sam realizes she could be in danger–and also discovers how dangerous ignorance is.

Sam’s 2009 Debut Party

I heard Neesha had samosas at one of her readings. I really really really hope she brings some to Sam’s party!

*Loves me some samosas*
*Can’t stop thinking about samosas*

The Guest List

Dimple Lala (from Born Confused), Jess Jordan (Girl 15, Charming but Insane), the Dhillon sisters — Geena, Amber and Jazz (from Bindi Babes), and Jasmine Gardner (from Monsoon Summer).

The Party

First we’re having dinner in Sam’s grandparents’ huge backyard and then heading inside for a movie in their gigantus family room. It’s a “just a “relax and be who you are,” kind of theme! 🙂 Guests will receive a bag of coconut jelly beans, Reese’s Pieces, Oreo cookies, and milk chocolate truffles with velvety milk chocolate centers.

Okay, okay. Those chocolate delights and coconut jellybeans almost make up for the lack of samosas. I guess I’ll have to see Neesha in person about that! Hey, what about milk chocolate samosas?!


The Guest of Honor: Samara

Sam is dressed in jeans with a sequined tank top. Her theme song? Daughters by John Mayer.

Neesha Meminger’s Advice for Sam on Her Big Debut

Try to enjoy your moment in the spotlight. Be yourself; that is absolutely enough.

That’s advice we should all take, but wow, it’s tough to follow! Best of luck, Neesha and Sam. I’ve already heard wonderful things about SHINE and will be devouring it very soon!

SHINE, COCONUT MOON is available in book stores now, and also online through Indiebound.

Neesha Meminger was born in India, grew up in Canada, and currently lives in New York City with her family. All of her writing explores the inner landscape of her characters, and how it merges or conflicts with the outer. She writes stories of women and girls defining themselves and shaping their own destinies within the confines of their day to day realities.Visit her online.