Sydney Salter’s Character Debut Party

Sydney Salter - My Big Nose And Other Natural DisastersI’m super excited today to party with Sydney Salter! Not only is she a fellow 2009 Deb, she’s also my agent sister, and I’ve been looking forward to her book since I first signed with my agent back in June 2007! Plus, do you see that adorable cover?! I’m totally judging the book by it and I’m not ashamed to say it, either! Yay!


Seventeen-year-old Jory Michaels wakes up on the first day of summer vacation with her same old big nose, no passion in her life (in the creative sense of the word), and all signs still pointing to her dying a virgin. In spite of her driving record (it was an accident!), Jory gets a job delivering flowers and cakes to Reno’s casinos and wedding chapels. She also comes up with a new summer goal: saving for a life-altering nose job. She and her new nose will attract a fabulous boyfriend. Jory survives various summer disasters like doing yoga after sampling Mom’s Cabbage Soup Diet, enforced-mother-bonding-with-crazy-nose-obsessed-daughter night, and discovering Tyler’s big secret. But will she learn to accept herself and maybe even find her passion, in the creative (AND romantic!) sense of the word?

Jory’s 2009 Debut Party

Thanks for the invite, Sydney!

The Guest List

Ok, we’re totally rolling out the red carpet for this one.

*Sends prayer to God of Natural Disasters that I don’t embarrass myself in front of all these book celebs!*

  • Tibby, Carmen, Lena, and Bridget from the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants because they know all about true friendship.
  • Georgia Nicolson from Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging because she’ll keep everyone laughing.
  • Chrissy Gibbons from Savvy Girl because she knows what it’s like to make mistakes at work (and overcome them).
  • D.J. Schwenk from Dairy Queen because she knows how to be herself.
  • Katy from Beige because she’s also trying to figure out who she is.
  • Tally from Uglies because she learns to understand the whole beauty thing.
  • Kiki Strike because she can handle any last minute party problems. That girl is resourceful!
  • Eric from Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes because he’s such a nice guy.
  • Biff Schmurr from Is Kissing A Girl Who Smokes Like Licking An Ashtray, again a nice guy.
  • Alex Gregory from Notes From The Midnight Driver; he knows about overcoming mistakes, and, yeah, he’s a nice guy.
  • Tom Henderson from King Dork. Someone has to be in charge of the music.
  • Steven DeNarski from Absolutely, Positively Not Gay. He’s funny and sweet.
  • Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Okay, we all love him, shouldn’t we be able to see him in swim trunks?
  • Shiloh and Winn-Dixie because every beach party needs a couple of great dogs.

The Party

Jory’s having a beach party at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe! There will NOT be any cake involved, and if we can keep all the mothers in the book from getting overly involved in the planning, there won’t be any themes, either! Guests will receive charm bracelets to memorialize the occasion.

I don’t know what’s up with the 2009 Debs and their beach parties, but I’m glad I picked up this long sleeve flannel bathing suit when I had the chance. And yeah, what is it about mothers and themes? Seems like no matter the occasion, there’s a mother out there waiting to bake cookies and match up the “cutest little tablecloth” with the “most adorable little napkins.” I think Jory has the right idea!

The Guest of Honor: Jory

Jory is wearing a cute bikini—and NO nose-minimizing makeup! Her theme song? The Not So Pretty Princess by Jude.

Sydney Salter’s Advice for Jory on Her Big Debut

Enjoy yourself! You deserve this night, you really do. And don’t even think about wearing makeup, you look great!

Congrats on your debut, Jory and Sydney! May your successes be more than twice as big and less than half as disastrous as your book title. 🙂

MY BIG NOSE & OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS is available in book stores now, and also online at Amazon.

Sydney Salter held a variety of jobs before becoming a full-time writer, including her brief stint delivering pies and flowers, wrecking vans, and destroying wedding cakes in Reno, Nevada. Sydney now lives in Utah with her husband, two daughters, two cats, and two big Bernese Mountain dogs. She loves reading, writing, traveling, and, of course, baking and decorating cakes (but not driving them anywhere). Visit her online.

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