Giving Up Television: Books are Better

I’m back in surprisingly-sunny Buffalo after more than 2 weeks in New York, where I did lots of fun authorly things and some not-so-authorly things like watching too much television that I hate but can’t help getting sucked into whenever it’s near me.

As many of you know, I don’t have a television. This is actually a good thing, though most people give me the does not compute stare when they hear it. Despite the pull of the blue glow, giving it up isn’t as hard as it sounds. Think you could tune out? Visit me at AuthorsNow to see why books better than TV, and to see if you’re up for a fun challenge!

Top 10 Reasons Books are Better than TV

3 thoughts on “Giving Up Television: Books are Better

  1. I like to balance my Tv time and reading and interaction with the human variety to be the best way!!!!!!…We need it all…

  2. Be still my heart: don’t let Chris hear you suggest giving up TV. His sanity is precarious enough as it is with all that he’s got going on right now!

    FYI, did you know that Buffalo is actually IN New York?

  3. i think boooks really is a release for me,
    when i get home from school i would plonk myself down and dig my nose into an action packed book full of what i love. T.V is my last resort for relaxation, if you watch to much T.V, concentratin at School can be depleated and anti-socialism can begin for children.

    If your in need of relaxation, pick up a book, plonk ypurself down and dig your nose into it:)

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