Elmwood Village Fall Photo Spectacular

In our new place, we’re a short walk from Delaware Park, which is one of my favorite fall spots in Buffalo.



Trees by Alex

Live Buffalo


And of course, St. James church, which I’ll be photographing seasonally because I think it’s just stunning and amazing. I’m convinced the bell tower is haunted, too.

St. James

St. James sunset

St. James moon

Overall, fall in upstate NY has been pretty spectacular. Even though our front lawn was destroyed by National Fuel, I guess we’ll always have the park.

Wait OMG I just had the most brilliant idea ever! Maybe I can turn the mess into a creepy graveyard sort of thing for Halloween. I’m sure I can find some old headstones and authentic cobwebs in that spookalicious basement. All I need are a few dead bodies and severed limbs which, when properly scattered about, could create a rather convincing undead-rising sort of thing.

Or, just invite this chick over…

Charlotte by Alex

She’s been keeping Alex company outside his office. I don’t mind spiders. But seriously…


Happy fall, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Elmwood Village Fall Photo Spectacular

  1. Pretty amazing color display, cool nights and warm days, and all the biochemistry in the leaf structure goes to work to make the oranges, reds, and yellows. We had an unique fall in Colorado, lots of orange aspen along with the golden shades.

  2. She’s wonderful, she’s an orb weaver. We have one ust like heron our porch this year. I’ll post our spider pic on family site. Nice photos, love the church and bell tower.

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