Where Do We Go From Here?

Six months ago, we packed up our lives1 in Colorado to move back to New York City. But maybe that old saying about how you can’t go home again is true, because in eight days, we’re packing it in (er, up) and heading for greener (er, snowier) pastures.

End of the World

NYC to Us: “Why You Want To Leave Me?”

Okay, you know that guy that in high school who’s like the hottest guy ever and when he looks at you your insides start turning inside out? And one day when he smiles at you and says hi and actually uses your name instead of just doing that stupid what-up man-nod that boys always do when they’re around their friends your whole heart is about to explode right out of your chest? And then one day you find yourself innocently making out with him behind the school and you don’t even care that everyone is watching, or that in one day this guy knows more about your undergarments than the sales girl at Vicky’s?

But then you stop kissing long enough to get to know him and it turns out he’s about as dumb as a box of hair and he’s mean to his little sister and he kicks puppies in his spare time and also, he hits on your best friend? But he’s still really really hot and he brings you a rose and a little white bear on Valentine’s Day and you kind of forget about the best friend thing until naked pictures of her show up on his MySpace page, and even then you kind of laugh it off because he’s still really really hot and the other night in the Taco Bell parking lot you were shivering so he gave you his favorite black hoodie that you sleep with now because it still smells like him, even though the whole school is talking about those MySpace pics?

Yeah, that guy.

Anyway, that’s kind of why we’re moving. Not that NYC kicks puppies or anything, I’m just saying. Home is not what it once was for me – for many reasons. Did you get that from my clever (albeit quite-a-stretch) analogy?


Where To?

In 8 days, Alex and I are wandering up to Buffalo. Before you say anything, let me assure you that any rumors you’ve heard about Buffalo are probably true, but feel free to ask if you have any questions or curiosities. We’re excited to spend some quality time up there, especially since we work from home and therefore don’t have to shovel snow. Our neighborhood has everything we could ask for — a farmer’s market, an independent bookstore, Greek diners open all night, multiple coffee places, multiple veggie restaurants, a kick-ass library, close to Wegmans2, and my baby brother who is as funny and talented as he is adorable (not that I’m pimping him or anything, but ladies, he’s single AND he’s not afraid to cry over girly YA books…)!

Expect lots of dispatches from the Queen City as we get settled into our new place in the coming weeks… just in time for fresh orchard apples and real cider, Halloween, and probably the first of many blizzards3. I’ve also heard rumors that a rabid squad of 20-somethings4 is conspiring to turn me and Alex into a couple of beer-drinking, bar-hopping, goal-post-climbing Buffalo Bills fans (among *cough* other things), but like I told aforementioned baby brother, we are the grown-ups in this operation, damn it, and we’re not above going all After School Special on the lot of ’em!

*cough* Kids these days!

So you’ll have those stories to look forward to. See, I told you after my long blog absence I would make it up to you! Well maybe I forgot to tell you, tell you, but I was thinking it, and now you’ll reap the bounty of my Buffalo-bound babbling all winter.

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite… “LUCKY!”

P.S. No puppies were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

1. By we, I mean me, Alex, our friend Criptoper, and two of Helicopter Pilot’s finest, who helped us drive 2,000 miles with severe hangovers and only to get grounded from Omaha, but we’re not bringing that up again!


See? Aren’t the adorable? And hard-working, too!

2. For those of you unschooled in the glory that is Wegmans, see here. My first real job was as a Wegmans cashier. They had all these tracking systems so they could time how long it would take us to complete an order, even if it wasn’t our fault that the customer was digging in her purse for change or coupons or her club card. It was very high-stakes for a grocery job. Anyway, Wegmans is much cooler now than when I worked there, but they probably still time the employees.
3. This is not an exaggeration. Ask anyone to share childhood memories of Halloween in Buffalo and you will undoubtedly hear words like “snowsuit” and “frostbite.”
4. Yes, your honor. That’s them.


7 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. i totally understand and relate to moving physically back to a place that is right for you at this point in time (though i am really disappointed that you didn’t pick the Bay Area!) In all seriousness, good luck with the move back to WNY, and I can’t wait for you to getting back to writing (at least this blog) on a more regular basis.

  2. um p.s. we have to take a road trip again. For some reason, that morning in Nebraska sticks out in my head the most. even if it was in the gas station parking lot.

  3. a) yes, they still do time your banana-weighing ass at wegmans. at least they did 2 years ago. now it’s more than just the length of the order, though. there’s idle time, time between each item, time to put the money in the drawer… all sorts of exciting ways to judge your total worth based on meaningless tasks.

    b) don’t worry, sher. also not acknowledged: my goodies or my milkshake, both of which i’ve been ruthlessly taunting them with for months.

    c) you might want to rethink all this “adult” business. especially considering i could have constructed one doozy of an afterschool special based on your last trip to the b-lo.

    now kids, remember: make sure you have all of your work done before you go out to play with your friends. that way, your mind will be free to have even more fun! and don’t forget to know your limits so you can stay healthy and strong! knowing how to say “no” is the most important thing. the next time your pals ask you to participate in a 14-day bender, try one of this cool catch phrases:

    “sorry guys, but i have respect for my body.”
    “no way, man! i’m a totally boring adult now – i don’t do that stuff anymore!”
    “yeah, right! haven’t you seen the fried eggs in those ads?”
    “gee thanks, but i’m high on life!”

  4. Wow, Shirl! B-Lo? Didn’t see that coming!
    Where will you be living? We’ll have to hook up next time I’m home visiting!

    I myself am finally getting out of the grips of my own hot boyfriend of a city…Phoenix. Except hot is used literally, like every time we make out I am hospitalized with 3rd degree sunburn and a severe heat stroke. It’s like he constantly sucks the moisture out of me, and I just keep applying lotion, pounding water by the gallon and just keep making excuses for why I stick around. Plus, he never lets me leave the house. I’m a shut in from April to October. It’s the end of September and it’s 102 outside!
    Oh, and I’m getting out before winter comes, because that’s when you fall in love with him all over again. Jerk.

    This city is gross.
    I totally get your analogy.

    Good Luck with everything!

  5. Hi Sarah… Wow, Buffalo. Isn’t that like in Canada or something? Congrats on the move – the City would drive me nuts too. Hope the writing is going well, and Hi to Alex!

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