NYC Writers Retreat, Day 2

The view from last year’s Grand Lake retreat:

Grand Lake Docks


The view from this year’s NYC retreat:

Plip Plip Plop


Not the most pleasant retreat weather here in New York today, but the storms are working hard to keep me inside and writing. I love listening to the rain on the street, the shush of the cars, the occasional laughing scream as someone who forgot her umbrella runs for cover. The thunder rattles the windows, and though I have to keep my computer unplugged during the lightning show, I do love hearing the sky fall.

Last night, I had the A/C on in the bedroom and started hearing noises. I know it was probably rain and thunder, but in the moment, I was pretty sure someone was trying to break in (despite the fact that this is a doorman building and someone would basically have to scale the wall and smash a window to enter without my permission). You know how it is when you’re staying in a new place—you have to readjust to all the new creaks, moans, groans, thumps, and rattles that differ in every home and don’t seem to show themselves until the late evening. I was jolted awake in two-minute intervals until about 5:30 this morning, so I’m getting a late start today. But I’m expecting the writing to go well and my sleep to come a bit easier later.

Better than being stuck out there, cold and umbrella-less!

6 thoughts on “NYC Writers Retreat, Day 2

  1. love reading about what youre doing — i watched that video about 10 times — 10 minutes it worked out really really well — best video on you tube haha — enjoy the retreat 🙂

  2. Loved the video, too. I spent a little time in NYC in my thirties. It made me nostalgic to see the street scene.
    I thought a lot about you lately being at the LitFest. I remember your agent was shopping your book and I knew you were just about to break through. (What’s your agent’s name and contact info? I met a woman who’s just finished her YA novel at LitFest.)
    I wrote you an email at your gmail address, but don’t know if you’re still getting info at that address. I’m going to California for a week on the 5th-Northern and Southern. Can’t wait.
    Be in touch.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by my site. I like your pictures too! We have nothing but sunshine here after a very, very unusually long winter so not a lot of writing going on here! Summers are short in Canada! Even here in the Gulf Islands where it’s usually very mild.

    Enjoy the writing.


  4. How awesome is that?! You describe it so perfectly…the sound of rain on the sidewalk, cars on the pavement. It’s actually peaceful!

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