Randomness Report From NYC

I’m not dead!



I know, I’m like the worst blogger/friend/daughter ever, leaving on a crazy cross-country move and then not writing for more than 3 weeks. For all you know, I could be stuck in a roadside diner-slash-gift shop in rural Iowa (yes, we visited a few) or hiding out in the Nebraska cornfields with Malachi and the children of Gatlin. But I’m not. Here I am! I truly appreciate all the emails and calls and I’m so sorry for triggering the abandonment issues some of you expressed. I’m back! I’m okay! I’m… yay!

After 34 hours on the road at the end of March, we made it to Buffalo, only to head out a day later to NYC. Some of us got sick for days after, while others did all the unpacking and sorting and settling in while simultaneously purchasing cough drops for aforementioned sickypoos and arranging them in their very own little jar for easy access (the cough drops, not the sickypoos). Not naming names, but, I may have been the… *cough*

I swear I didn’t plan it!

Anyway, maybe I’ll do a more complete essay on the road trip another time, including top ten quotes and memorable moments1, but for now, a few random tidbits on our new life in New York to let all you loyal readers know that yes, I’m still alive, and yes, we’re settling in just fine!

  1. I’ve been a vewy bad vegetawian. After 6 whole years without ingesting anything that has a face, I…


    3 of them, if we’re being honest. Horrible! Sea creatures everywhere, beware, because the worst part of it is… I really really liked them! Tuna melts at the diner, ahhh… No, I don’t want to talk about it. I disappoint myself. Poor little fishies.

  2. But a good writer! After weeks of focusing on nothing but packing and moving across the country, I’m finally getting back into the writing groove. The city is a good place for it—very alive, easy to tap into the constant stream of energy. I was trying to explain to Alex today why it’s easier for me to write in a crowded coffee shop2 than it is at home with my mom-in-law chatting and the television spewing out the latest horrible news via 24/7 CNN (because in a crowd, I can’t focus on any one conversation, especially when said conversations are happening in Asian languages which I do not speak, so the noise fades into a general comforting din, allowing me to focus on my writing and not the word “bitter”). He didn’t believe me (truth be told I think he just misses me when I’m away), but I had a really productive day today—the first in a while.
  3. Sweet, sweet korma. OMG, best Indian restaurant ever, right around the corner. Seriously. I’ve been there like 8 times already, and I always get the same thing (navartan korma and veggie samosa3) and for like 47 cents, they hand me a bucketful of amazing food and unsolicited political commentary (“All of these candidates are bad. Worse fighting than in my third-world country at home.”). Yes, but are they bitter enough?
  4. Memory lane is still… memorable. Alex and I took the 7 train to Woodside, our old hood, the other day. We had lunch and strawberry smoothies in this little Cuban place we used to frequent, walked past our old apartments, and stopped in to say hello to our old favorite pizza guy (who in our absence, expanded his little pizza place to take up the entire corner and add an outside patio). Last weekend, when my mom was still in NY with us, we met my brother, aunt, and uncle for brunch at our old fave Irish brunch place in the same neighborhood. The food was just as we remembered, as were the old Irish guys hanging out at the bar. Is it possible that they haven’t moved in 5 years?

Now that we’re relatively settled, I’ll try to post more often. And eat less tu—hey, I said I didn’t want to talk about it! Bad, bad!

1. More likely I’ll just say I’m going to write about it but I won’t actually write about it, so don’t get your hopes up. Hey, that’s how I roll!

2. Crowded Starbucks is very different here than in, say, Panera at Aspen Grove in Littleton, Colorado. This particular SB had two floors for seating, and I got one of the only open tables. This was at 4 PM, before the evening rush. At one point, three tables of girls simultaneously broke out in song, singing a Jack Johnson song in its entirety along with the piped in SB music. Moments earlier, they were enjoying their frappucinos and conversing separately in Chinese, so the whole thing was kind of cool and surreal.

3. Lucky for our sea-dwelling little friends, tuna samosa is not on the menu.

6 thoughts on “Randomness Report From NYC

  1. I normally only lurk and stalk you but today I just had to chime in on item #2 because I am with you. Back in the olden days when I was in college, I always studied on the “Group Study” floor in the library. That’s where groups of students could work on projects together and be noisy, in case it wasn’t obvious from the name. I would put on headphones (with my cassette tape player!) to blur out specific conversations, and the continual hubbub was perfect. The normal Everyone Be Quiet floors were too deafening in their silence for me. And god forbid there be a TV blaring in the background. Yuck!

    I should also take this opportunity to tell you that I’m very sad that we did not get to see you before you left. I’ll always remember our special Christmas Eve dinner. *sob* Good luck in NYC and in your upcoming travels! Kisses! –d

  2. Glad you all made it safe and Mom got back home ,sick but otherwise OK. (I think is was Scott that passed the cold bug around but don’t tell him I said that!! I was great to see you both again, brief though the stay was. My favorite part of your visit home was asking Alex how much the gas cost so far just to get 2 vehicles to Orchard Park!! I probably asked him more than once because I liked to watch him shudder when he repeated it!!

    Love ya

  3. Good to see you’re back! Glad you made the cross country move in good shape. NYC is such a great place to be! My favorite city in the world…to visit, not live.

  4. As a native Iowegian, I have to call you on the diner-slash-gift shop. Admit it – there was at least one item that caught your eye! But I’m glad you denied the urge and made it to the Big Apple!!!

  5. Not to be ashamed;falling off the vegetarian wagon is not a critical thing. You need to decide why it happened, process it, figure out whether you will start eating pot roast again or go another 6 years and then eat another tuna sandwich.

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