Who *Hearts* Edward Cullen?

“At first I thought it was like, super girly. I so wasn’t into it, especially when I saw that it was a Teen People ‘Hot List’ pick—man. But I really wanted to finish it, so I just sat down and read like another 200 pages. And out of nowhere, I was like, aww man, this is really cute, and suddenly I’m getting all emotional… I think I might need a Kleenex or some shit. So the next day, I was like, fuck it, my girlfriend isn’t coming over until later, so I got those Kleenex and a bag of Oreos and settled in for some ‘me time.’ I finished the whole book. And the Oreos. And I’m like, vampires, humans, cool, cool. I really liked it. I told my friend, dude, if you like vampire books, check it out. Now I have to get the next one.”

—Anonymous rock star baby brother (sister) on Stephenie Meyers’ vampire love story, TWILIGHT

7 thoughts on “Who *Hearts* Edward Cullen?

  1. That is one of the greatest things I’ve heard. It’s good to know that its not just the females who can love those books too.

  2. EDward is one of the hottest gies that is in a book but i dont think u chose the rite character 4 him in the movie. u did a good job 4 bella tho

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