Don’t be a vacation-hater, but check out the forecast for my upcoming trip:

Buffalo Forecast

Does this town ever see the sun? There isn’t enough room in this little blue suitcase for all the layers I need. And what’s up with that “Light Wintry Mix” on Monday? Is that, like, a dance track? A snack food?

And don’t even get me started on the number of days listed in this supposed 10-day forecast. I guess they figure if you’re going to Buffalo in February, all of your brain cells are diverted to the important job of keeping your organs functioning in the cold rather than high-level math.

Personally, I don’t need brain cells on this trip. I’ll warm right up when I start bustin’ my moves for that Light Wintry Mix.


Either way, wish me luck. I don’t have furry snow boots and I’m only bringing one roll-aboard suitcase. Hopefully there is alcohol in my future.


*Club song. You know the one. Usually followed by something like, wa wa, wa wa wa wah — BASS! BASS! BASS! wa wa wa wa wa wah — ooo-eh ooo-eh…

7 thoughts on “Tropics-Bound

  1. Just be lucky it’s over 0 and that the Pattersons don’t live in Minnesota anymore for you to have to visit. This morning the air temp was 18 BELOW zero when I left my house, windchill in the -30 range.

    It is fucking cold!!

  2. Ok, you seriously need to rethink “vacations” I have seen not a single sweepstakes contest offereing a “Dream Vacation” to Buffalo NY never mind in February! What are you thinking??? Have fun at the weekend, I imagine there is definitely alcohol involved.

  3. When you said you were going out of town, I thought back to NYC or maybe someplace tropical for a break…who the hell goes to Buffalo in February??? Don’t go outside!

  4. Yeah, like there is ever going to be a shortage of Alcohol in the big Buff!! Haven’t ya ever heard, “Buffalo, a football town with a drinking problem!!”

  5. Oh, yeah, sorry I forgot. The Wintry Mix in Buffalo is referred to in other parts of the country as “Shots and Beers”

  6. Ah, Buffalo, I don’t go there enough.

    The sun never sets on Buffalo in February. Because it never breaks through the clouds.

    That’s why the bars are open until 4 AM.

    Cheers in Cheektowaga,
    Mike H.

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