Day 9, Feelin’ Fine

Okay, that whole “feelin’ fine” part is kind of a lie. I hobble when I walk, my butt keeps falling asleep, my tailbone is really bored, and the knee in question is alternating between numb from all the ice and throbbing from all the mayhem going on in my bones.

Alas, the writing is still going strong!

I’ve got a few “research assistants” on the job, schooling me on the physics of kayaking and Tarot (thank you, Jensiah & OMLFG), I only burned my thigh once from falling asleep with the overheated laptop (kids, don’t try this at home), iTunes seems to be shuffling songs that go exactly with my story and frame of mind, my favorite husband brought home Indian food, and I’m enjoying an endless cup of coffee in one of Rachel’s ceramic creations.

 However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the following notification:
Attention knee and surrounding area of general gimp-ness: Enough! Pull yourself together, man. If I have one more sleepless night on your account, I’ll have no choice but to break into that stash of Vicodin I wouldn’t let Alex get rid of and make myself a smoothie. And let me tell you something. If you think writing is fun now… oooooh kids.
Vicodin. Not just for eedybeedybloobleedeblahblahwahhabbahabba, anymore. 

5 thoughts on “Day 9, Feelin’ Fine

  1. If I squint real hard, it looks like I’m doing pretty well–if you ignore just how well the writing is actually going.

    I hurt my knee as well. Can I have a vicodin smoothie too?

  2. I need a vicodin smoothie for my state of mind!!!!!! Looks like JB is in the lead..and yes..your dad is upstairs writing no..Because there are things that need doing around here!

  3. Wow!!!

    I never imagined that people, meaning we, would take this challenge so seriously. Its kinda cool.

    It really has kept me focused on the goal.

  4. Hang in there *gf* and never be too proud to reach for that vicodin smoothie! Congratulations on getting so much writing done through all that discomfort.

  5. Just a quick health tip. Do some heel pumps to keep the blood circulation up. Lack of movement from injury is one of the most common ways to get a blood clot and drink lots of water. I KNOW that you don’t want to inject yourself with blood thinners.

    mm – the resident blood clot expert- I can honestly say that I don’t want to share that title with anyone.

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