Help Us Reach 100 Hours

That’s right… 100 hours of non-procrastinating, non-distracted, real live actual WRITING! My friend Mischief Management and I are working to reach this lofty goal from Dec 22 to Jan 7. I have no excuse since writing is now my full time job, and MM, well, she just wants to embarass me in public. 🙂

So, please help us stay motivated and give us the frequent online beatdowns we deserve (right here in the comments section) if we’re not reaching that number fast enough. I’ll post these graphs often – it’s full disclosure here, folks.

100 Hours, Day 2

7 thoughts on “Help Us Reach 100 Hours

  1. how long did it take you to create that graph? That doesn’t count as writing hours. I think you got the dates wrong. I said Dec 21- Jan 7th not Jan 2. Yeesh that would be impossible

  2. in the famous words of Rob Schneider in Adam Sandler’s modern day classic, “The Waterboy”, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Now stop procrastinating by reading what people are posting on your blog and get back to using them creative juices.

  3. Merry Christmas and all our love!!

    I’m going with “You can do it”!

    Mom and Dad

    Oh yeah, Steve’s here too.

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