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Seems like only yesterday (1996 actually) when I almost failed my computer science requirement in college because I didn’t want to get an email account. Hey, don’t be a hater. Do you know what the process was for getting an email account back then? We had to walk like a mile in the snow (yes, it really was in the snow, lake effect, usually a blizzard, because it was the University at Buffalo) to the “computer” building to sign up for a UNIX PINE account. The “computer” people gave us a system-generated login and password and an instruction manual on how to login to the complex UNIX mainframe using a series of numbers and codes on a dial-up modem that took long enough to connect that you could make a full pot of coffee while you were waiting just to get one stupid ascii text message that usually disappeared before you could finish reading because your roomate accidentally picked up the telephone and disconnected you.

And we didn’t have emoticons back then, so emails caused a lot of fights. 🙂

I ended up getting that email address after all (so I could, like, graduate). Now, a mere decade later, I’m spreading my personal information all around the Internets and turning made-up Web nouns into verbs like it’s my job. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after the whole “Sarah Ockler has 0 friends” Myspace debacle, but no. I let my so-called “friends” convinced-slash-invited-slash-pressured me to get Facebook. Don’t make me be the last kid to get picked for kickball. ‘Tis the season, right? So if you have a Facebook account, please…

Facebook me.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Me

  1. OK, I was intrigued, I checked it out, I signed up, I have no friggin clue what to do next. Too much thought needs to go into this. I hate computers…ugh

  2. I tried to get in to facebook before…but I couldn’t understand it..it wouldnt take my password… I had to sign up for an email account first and I had one!!! so what the heck You’ll have to walk me thru it so I can experience “Sher Ockler Has 0 Friends”

  3. I absolutely promise to do the whole facebook/myspace thing as soon as I have a book to promote. If I go on to one of the websites now, with nothing to promote, its just a little creepy.

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