I Hab A Cold (*Cough*)

Isn’t it weird getting sick in the summer? It’s like you wake up and it’s 100 degrees outside, kids are running and laughing, dogs are barking, your neighbor (a.k.a. Charon, Boatman of the Lower Apartments) is bashing his speedboat into the sides of his garage under your living room, but you can’t breath out of your nose and your throat hurts.

Does. Not. Compute.

How did I get sick in the summer, I wonder? I think I figured it out. James is the editor of Dear Santa, Let Me Explain…, an upcoming illustrated anthology that will feature true tales of holiday disaster from lots of writers, including yours truly and my good friend, Jay the Bold. We all had lunch the other day. Perhaps James snuck a home fry from my plate with his sickipoo fork when I turned away to yell at the waiter for putting bacon in my water.

Don’t worry, though, James. I totally needed a work-from-home day anyway. When I’m at work, I can’t enjoy the simple pleasures that make my day so complete, including but not limited to loafing around in boxers, listening to my newly-created Miles Davis station on Pandora Internet Radio, instant messaging with the rest of the world that doesn’t work for an evil, lock-down, big brother robot graveyard.

If only I could get Charon’s minion ferry friends to stop talking about boobs outside my window, being home sick in the summer wouldn’t be so bad.


5 thoughts on “I Hab A Cold (*Cough*)

  1. There’s nothing like tracing a cold from friend to friend. Let this cold end with you. No coming over to my house and licking any of the doorknobs.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better by now. My family was supposed to be going to South Dakota for a wedding today…instead we were home nursing two sick girls with high fevers back to health. Nothing a good 3-hr nap won’t cure!

  3. Being sick in the summer is the worst. You’d be healthy if you practiced the 15 minute lunch.

  4. Wait a second. We met for lunch on Monday and I didn’t feel sick until Wednesday. Isn’t it just as likely that you got me sick? Or at the very least, can’t we blame Jay The Immune?

  5. Bims!
    Are you better yet?! that stinks. I had a summer cold too… aren’t you supposed to save your sick days, for ya know, not really being sick?! It’s the only way to survive the RG.

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