The Coffee, The Couch, & Me

I worked from home today, and it was everything I thought it could be!

I don’t mean “worked from home” in air-quotes, because I actually did do work today. But I also got to do lots of other things, including but not limited to:

  1. Drinking coffee. Lots of it. Free coffee. Including this new stuff my husband got, called french vanilla hazelnut butter cookie or something. Yowza!
  2. Taking a few, well-placed naps.
  3. Not showering. Not getting dressed. Not combing hair (see photo evidence above). Not… okay, TMI.
  4. Copying new songs into iTunes. And singing them when they played.
  5. Sitting on the couch with my laptop for so long that my butt fell asleep.
  6. Hanging out with my favorite person in the world.
  7. Flashing my favorite person in the world while he was making lunch.
  8. Burping after drinking seltzer.
  9. Catching up on personal emails and other blogs without fearing the corporate Internet police sting.
  10. Getting 10 or so new pages written on the novel – woohoo!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I have to go back to the office tomorrow, but I feel somewhat recharged, just a little bit. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, then Thursday I have a dinner with some old coworkers and friends from New York, then it’s already Friday. I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.

You know what else? It rained today. I was kind of dozing during it, but my husband snapped a few shots of the sky after it cleared again. Something else to appreciate.

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