Summer Vacation: Day 5

And we finally see the sun! We arrived in New York on Saturday, after a 2 hour delay that had us in Denver – where it had been in the comfortable 80s with no humidity all week – until 3 am. But as soon as we stepped off the plane at JFK 4 hours later, my hair curled up into a big ol’ mess, increased in volume by about 2000%. The fact that I cut the front in a fit of bad-hair-night rage before leaving for DIA the night before certainly didn’t help (life lesson #423, don’t make your own layers, no matter how good it looks when you approximate the new length by folding the long hair in half and affixing the top to your skull with a bobby pin), but still. It was about 95 degrees, 700% humidity, raining, bright green, foggy, sweaty, loud and smelly. It felt like a jungle on steroids, and for a minute I actually thought we may have – in our 3 am daze in Denver – boarded the flight to Tijuana rather than JFK.

As we were herded like cattle off the plane, down a long cramped corridor and on to a shuttle to take us to baggage claim (I swear JFK gets more convoluted every time we visit), people were bumping us, talking loudly on their cell phones, smelling, and being generally angry at the universe. By the time the in-laws picked us up and got us back to Queens, it was nap time again – another five hours down, and still no sunshine:

Off to Pennsylvania for the weekend and a Sweet 16 party, where the humidity was so high that our hotel room was actually musty and nothing was dry all weekend – hair, towels, carpets, armpits, nothing! After that, 2 more days in Queens, 2 more days of downpours and jungle heat. To top if off, I woke up with a head cold the other morning – argh!

I was beginning to lose all hope that summer would ever return to this place, but finally, after a light rain this morning, the sun came out and we got to venture outside, into more crowds and smells and insanity! Yeah! But, we did get to spend some time with my best friend, my brother, and another old friend tonight, with more to come over the next few days.

Signing off for now, congested, but happy to be home – rain and crazy people and all.

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  1. uhm, I’m thinking….. the yucky weather and you arrived the same time. uhm…..??? Love you, see you Sunday. Quit yer bitchin’

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