Sarah Ockler, AuthorHi. I’m Sarah. I write young adult books.

I used to say that I write books for teens, but I know plenty of non-teens who love reading YA, too. I guess it’s because we’re all still kind of recovering from high school, right?

Hmm. Maybe that’s just what I tell myself!

Despite the odds, I survived adolescence. And now I get to read and write young adult stories the way I want them to be, with sweet, sensitive boys and intense love and heartbreak and friendship and fights and sadness and joy and lots of kissing and no skinny jeans. Hey, making stuff up is way more fun than going to therapy!

My Books

I hope you’ll check out my YA novels, THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS, BITTERSWEET, FIXING DELILAH, and TWENTY BOY SUMMER, and my new release, #SCANDAL! Visit Books for excerpts and more info.

Thanks for visiting my site, and happy reading!

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